Portfolio of Projects

Another concrete pumping job gone good!

We move homes also!

Sometimes we stop propane delivery for privileged vessel, Orcas outside Anacortes.


Bird View.


Clean up

Clearing contaminated logs from remote location, using cans and forklift.

boat salvage-2

website pic  3

Our barge can move salvaged boats with our heavy duty crane.

Shoreline repair

Shoreline repair with dueling trucks and excavators.

Shoreline repair

Shoreline repair, working off beach, using the Enterprise as work platform.

Moving a garage to the islands.

Moving a garage off of the Enterprise.

Moving garage

Moving garage to new location in the islands.

Vanderyacht Propane

Vanderyacht Propane three trucks going to provide fuel to islanders.

material bags

Hauling large material bags to fish farm.

Anchor inspection platform

Using the SJE as an anchor inspection platform.

work barge

Samish Island, using the SJE as a work platform for rock retaining wall.

bob and friend

Bob and Paulie inspect the equipment about to be loaded for integrity.


Enterprise ramp Anacortes

The Enterprise at Anacortes loading ramp.

modular home

Moving modular homes to Lopez Island  on the SJE.

Working with Crowley Tow Boats.

Ship support.

Helicopter recovery and salvage

Helicopter salvage from the bay using onboard crane.

orcas setting anchors

Center Island, setting large concrete mooring anchors.

Oracle Race Sailboat

Working with the crew of the Oracle Racing Sailboat.

Setting oil and gas boom.

Setting oil and gas boom.


Loading construction debris from South Lopez Island dock removal and repair.

Gray modular home

Moving another modular home to Friday Harbor.

log truck

Log load from Eliza Island.

concrete truck and pump truck

Cement pour on Waldron Island.

Chuckanut beachfront

Chuckanut beachfront being prepped for deck and stairway.

boulders to blakely

Taking boulders to Obstruction Island shoreline.

bob working

Bob working the forklift.

Blakely three material trucks

Three trucks filled with construction materials are off loaded beach side for multi-home building project on Blakely Island.

Aircraft transport

Disabled Beaver on floats being transported to mainland for engine swap.

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