M/V San Juan Enterprise

San Juan Marine Freight is based in Anacortes Washington and has been in business since 2007. Captain Corey Joyce is the owner/operator. You’ll find the Enterprise making deliveries and helping contractors throughout the San Juan Islands and greater Puget Sound area.


Originally named the LCM8537, the boat was built by the U.S. Army for use in the Vietnam War and rated to haul one military tank or 200 personnel (with arms and backpacks). The vessel was mothballed before it was completed and remained in Higgin’s Louisiana shipyard for years. The boat showed up with brand new engines in Tacoma in 1989, working as an Army training boat. Soon afterwards it was bought at auction and went to work around Orcas Island, the owners spent two years and close to $1 million retrofitting the vessel.

During this time,  boat was “stretched” from its original length of 74 feet to 98 feet, being cut in half and filled in with engineered steel plates. A crane was added to  the bow, a wheelhouse on the stern and accommodations below deck. One of the most expensive parts of the overhaul was getting the vessel U.S. Coast Guard certified to legally haul flammable liquids.

Find Us

The Enterprise Loading Ramp, Parking and Dock

Find our loading ramp downtown Anacortes at the North end of T Avenue on the Guemes Channel in Old town Anacortes on the waterfront, just to the east of Dakota Creek Shipyard. Free parking is available beside the fence near our dock. The loading ramp is to the right or East of Secret Cove Restaurant.

Find The Enterprise Underway

Waiting for your delivery? Visit this link www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-122.6/centery:48.5/zoom:16 to locate the Enterprise while under way to estimate its time of arrival. This sample page shows what you see at Vessel Finder. You can track this vessel to your destination while underway in live time.